Will be MIA again (XP)

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Will be MIA again (XP)

Not that I ever was really back from being MIA the last time, LOL. I'm sorry I haven't been able to respond to all of your threads. Sad We got back from Philly late Sunday night; I spent all day yesterday doing errands and trying to get unpacked. I spent all day today doing laundry and trying to pick up all of the stuff that the kids spread all over the house while I was unpacking yesterday. Lol Tonight I've got to pack up suitcases again, and this time we'll be gone for about a week. Some of that time we will be staying with my brother, so I may have some time to check in. Talk to you all soon! Smile

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Busy lady! Have fun and we will see you in a week.

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You are a busy girl aren't you? Have a safe and fun trip Katie!

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check in when you can! we will be here when you get back. Biggrin

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thanks for keeping us posted! We're gonna miss you again and your fabulous inspo!!