Will you look at a thread for me?

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Will you look at a thread for me?

You can reply there or here, I just want some feedback before I order. Please read post 4, as that's the most current (no image, but the text is there with options)



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i love the photo you chose!! and i think that maybe green would look nice at the top? but thats up to you. your business is gonna be great!! i love your photography!

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First off I love the pic you chose. I think anyone, especially a mother with little ones would be enticed by that photo. Not sure if your desire is to bring in the mommy crowd but I'd say that pic would do it!

The "up and coming" eh... not so much for me. If I were to see that card, and not have been privileged to see your work, up and coming would not seem that appealing. It makes it sound like you are inexperienced to me. That is TOTALLY my opinion and many may disagree. I remember my first principal telling me when I started teaching my 1st year to never refer to myself as a "beginning teacher" b/c parents would doubt that I could give their child what an "experienced" teacher could. She said if you are a teacher, call yourself a teacher.

I think what you mean by up and coming is that you are in the process of starting a business and the "business is up and coming" but it may be confused as you are starting photography. Two very different things I think. Anywho, my 2 cents for what its worth! HTH!!

ETA: I love green but I think the blue is great at the top. Green may blend in with your pic too much.

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I think that I would put 'g Custom Photography' in the blue, and put your name under 'natural light photographer'. To me it seems like maybe your business name should be the main attraction.
I like the blue and I like to pic. I do think that maybe a really nice close-up would be a better choice though. I know that I personally would probably get a decent shot of the kids walking away, but clear close-ups are much more difficult for me.

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I love the photo you chose! From personal experience, you may want to rethink putting your personal cell phone on the card. My DH did that for a set of cards he did in April and our most recent bill was through the roof, not to mention the random phone calls we get at 2am and prank calls! Your website and email should be sufficient for any possible customers and if they ask for your number you can write it down.

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I like the kids walking away better than the closeups, but that's just my personal preference. You got a LOT of great feedback over there. You have to trust God on this one Gwen, and if He thinks this is for you and that you're ready, he'll guide you girl. Smile Your work is awesome and people will come...and like others have said, it's your business so you dictate how much and when, ya know?


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I answered over there Smile