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    Anyone live near Wisconsin Dells? We are taking our daughter there as a surprise for your 16th birthday. I know we plan to go to extreme world, the jetboats, and we are going to stay at the kalahari. Is there anything we should know, see, get???

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    We plan to go there soon as well. My grandpa and grandma moved there a few years ago and I haven't seen them in a LONG time. My grandpa is ill, so I really need to get there soon! Let me know how you like it.
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    I'm less then an our from the dells! It really is a great place.

    Shelly, when are you going and for how long? There are a lot of other waterparks/amusement parks (noah's ark and family land are the bigger two). Off of hwy 13 there is a really cool mini golf course. The river is beautiful if you get a chance to just take a walk. Also, the ducks are a pretty cool way to see the area, the drive on land and also go on the water. Otherwise there are actual Dells boat tours on a larger boat. I haven't been here but I'm hoping to do it soon:
    They also have a wild animal park with baby lions, giraffes, etc.

    I love the Kalahari. They have really nice rooms and an awesome indoor water park. I know they have an outdoor water park, but it was January when we went there.

    Let me know if you have any other questions.

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    I live in Wi also. WE are going at the end of this month. When will you be there?
    You should check out the deer park. You walk in and like 100 deer walk all around you. No fence or anything! It is just beautiful. I used to like robot world when I was younger. Oh and we are also staying at the same hotel LOL!

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    We don't get to go for very long because of the boys work schedule but we will be there early Aug 1 through late the 2. Boys have to be back to work on Monday. Plus Brooklynn isn't going so I can't be away from her for too long! LOL

    Our plan: Friday night I'm telling Lora we have to run an errand. We are going to drive out and pick up her best friend. I'm going to say " suprise we are leaving at 5:00 go home and pack your bags." Her friend wanted to be present when she finally realizes we are doing something. We are not telling her where we are going or for what. She loves extreme thrill rides and she saw a show on the travel channel about Extreme world and has talked nonstop about it since January. So that is our main reason for going. We have also arranged to have her placed in the front of the WildThing Jetboats!!! Then we will spend the rest of that day and all of the next at the hotel. Which by the way has now changed (I think) Everyone else that is going would like to go to Hotel Rome/Mt. Olympus. They have an indoor waterpark and amusement park and an outdoor waterpark and amusement park. She is a roller coaster fan so that will probably be better for her anyway. Plus it's cheaper.

    Tia, when will you be there?

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    I forgot about Mt. Olympus, they really have made some major additions to the park. I didn't realize they had a hotel with it, that's awesome!

    Sad that you are leaving Brooklyn, but it will probably be a better trip for everyone.

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