Won't be around much

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Won't be around much

My precious laptop has decided it needed a vacation (it totally crashed yesterday). Of course, my scrapbooking program is on my laptop. I won't be able to scrapbook until I get it fixed, so I won't be sharing any more pages for the time being. Sad DH has a computer, so I can get on preg.org, but it's harder to do when Brody is awake since the comptuer is in the office. Sad

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Sorry Melissa. Computer problems are the worst! I hope you get it figured out soon.

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Sorry. Sad I HATE computer problems. Hope you are back asap.

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Sad Total bummer!!! Sorry Melissa!!!! I hope you can get it fixed soon.

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That stinks! I'll miss seeing your creative pages.

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That sucks!! Hopefully you can get it back up and working very quickly!

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Hope to see you back soon

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aww that sucks. At least you can come say hi in the meantime...maybe you could get ideas online and sketch them out and then try to reproduce them in digi files once your comp is back? Just a suggestion if you are having scrap withdrawls.

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that bites!!! my laptop is getting old, I will be a wreck when it finally dies as that's where I do all of my digi work.