IT WORKED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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IT WORKED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hey everyone I am so excited to say I believe the surgery worked!!!!!!!!!!
I woke up this morning and I felt dbl jointed. What I mean was I can turn my neck about 4 more inches than I could before! I can also lift my arm straight up with no pain! I can't believe it!!!! Just something as little as opening the kitchen cabinets used to hurt a little. Well today I opened it and I was like WAIT A MINUTE, that did not hurt me??? So I did it 5 more times LOL I know I still have to take it easy but I had to share my excitment with you all. I even tossed Damien in the air and caught him which I KNOW I should not have done that but I have waited 9 months to do it. I started crying as I caught him out of happiness Smile I really hope it stays this way. It's crazy just the little things we can take for granted. Thanks everyone for all the support Smile Tia

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You brought tears to my eyes! I am so glad it worked and you feel better. Now you better take it easy! Wink

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Yay I'm sooo glad to hear that it worked, but please don't over do it.

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Oh Tia!!! i'm soooo happy!! The throwing Damien in the air made me cry! YAY!!!!

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ahhhh i'm so glad it worked! Smile take care of yourself....

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I have been following the threads about you even though I haven't been able to post. You made me cry- in a good way. I'm so happy for you!

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thats awesome! im glad that something finally worked! i know you have been struggling with just those pain meds for so long!

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Yaa I am gad the surgery worked!!

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Tia- that is wonderful news. I'm so proud for you!!

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Such great news girl!

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that is wonderful news~!!!!

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Great News!!!! Thanks for the update. So glad that you are pain free.

Will keep you in our thoughts and prayers that it stays this way

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Awww, that is such an uplifting feeling to read your message and share in your excitement. Yippeee!!!!

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That is so awesome, I'm so glad it worked! :bigarmhug:

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that is awesome!

I hope DH got a picture of your Damien tossing, because that would make a great layout with your story.

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YAAAAAAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WOHOOO! What a relief hey?? :yahoo::D:D:D
We're all so stoked for you!:D