Would this work?

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Would this work?

I'm not great when it comes to creating something on the computer and then getting it printed. Something about the size screws me up, and then making sure to print it so it looks right, etc. etc. etc. I'm sure if I had a good program I'd be fine...BUT...

I'm wondering if I were to create something (say an announcement Lol ) with my scrappy supplies say in...3.5x5 and then scan it into my computer and have it printed in 3.5x5 picture would it turn out? What do you think?

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Personally I would keep with that fraction /dimension, but scrap it LARGER, then print it on the 3.5x5 like you want. (Like make them 7x10---does that make sense?) It would help the crispness of what you want to print. You can scan it, then select print 3.5x5 size.
Well, maybe I don't know what I'm talking about, so I'll wait to see what the others think too, but that is what I would do. Smile

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Charys's idea is good. You will get some loss of color and sharpness depending on your scanner.

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I've not had much luck with scanning and printing ... but I wasn't doing exactly what you're doing. Charys has a great suggestion with the size though.