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Thanks for all the kind words y'all!!!
I began taking pictures today of Cal's monthly book I did for him, but i quickly realized I dont have a clue about "the correct" way to post pictures onthis board>
Is there a prefered size? method or style?
I'd love to know what works best and is easiest?
Any tips????

My siggy pic is our annual Thanksgiving beach trip! I took the pics of DHand Ds, my mom took the one of me and feet... Thats one off my digi adventures... I did it in Photoshop to make our Christmas Card!!!!

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The bigger the better when posting layouts in my opinion! It allows us to see details. And the more the merrier. You can never post too many! Smile I use Flickr, but Photobucket works equally as well.
Can't wait to see more of your work! I am glad you joined us!!!!!!

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I think we're all over the place for sizes of layouts and stuff - I save mine so they're under 100kb and then share them. Not sure how you do that for paper scrapping. We love seeing layouts though, so let us see some more work! Smile

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I paper scrap so I usually take a pic of the LO, go into paint and size it down, save it on the desktop then go into Photobucket and upload from there. Photobucket has a good size and it should all fit into the screen area with the regular copy and paste. No need to size down.

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I agree with Charys...I have trouble seeing the smaller ones, so big is good!! Can't wait to see more!