Wow- My prize from the crop

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Wow- My prize from the crop

I've been meaning to write about this, and keep forgetting. My camera didn't have batteries either. Well, better mention it before I forget again.

I got an AWESOME prize for winning the busy, busy challenge.

I got 3-d birthday present stickers, 3 things of ribbon, and 3 different $1 stamp packs- a thank you one, a pregnancy one and I can't remember the other one, but it was cool.

A PERFECT card makers prize. I'm really excited to use the items but didn't want to until I got a picture.

And speaking of prizes- Carrie, I boxed your gift up today, with extras for being so patient to get it....I plan to mail it tomorrow or Monday. Smile

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Cool!!! I know you'll do something awesome with it too...can't wait to see.

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very cool!!!!

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:Dwhoa! nice prize!:D

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very cool! Get a pic for us when you can!

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I will as soon as I get home. Smile