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WWYD 118 photos

I have well over 1600 photos on flickr. Out of them I picked 118 I would like to scrap book for MIL (see set, by clicking my link in my siggy) So I wanted to make 1 page for each year she has been a Grandama. That is 5 years and I only planed on doing 5 pages. But now I see I have so many Gran moments I don't know if I should do 2 pages each year (side by side) or only keep favorits and not all the moments and stay with only 1 page. I want the book to be symple but at the same time I want to catch a years worth of memmories without it looking crowed. WWYD it is a 8x11 book?

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If it's 8x11, I'd definitely do two pages so they'd face each other. Actually, I'd probably do 2 if it was 12x12. Whatever you decide, I think double layouts so that they face each other and make each year the only focus of an open section would be the way to go.

ETA: And take what I say with a grain of salt for I have wonderful scrapbook ideas, but I've only actually made one engagement album in my life, so I count myself as a card and craft maker but not a scrapbooker.

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LOL You sound like me! I tried to get Tyler's 1st year all into a 8.5x11 book. LMAO! It took 3, plus a 12x12 book dedicated to his birthday party day!!! Don't limit yourself!!!! That's all I have to say! LOL

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Since you are going an 8.5x11 format, you can do them side by side for each year. (2 per year) Are you doing a 3-ring album? They would work out perfectly for this.

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I don't think you will be able to do it with 1 page a year. I think 2 pages will be much, much better. Plus it will give you a more complete book with 10 pages versus only 5. 5 pages just doesn't sound like a complete book to me Smile

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Poor DH is in the process of printing them all out for me now. Maybe as I crop some will not make the book but for now I am thinking 2 pages a year. It is a scrap book that we can add pages too as the years go on. It is MIL's 50 b-day Sat so this is what I am making. (and trying to talk DH into getting me a cricut CREATE for the occasion with our tax money)