Xavier's 1 Year Paper Scrapbook #1

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Xavier's 1 Year Paper Scrapbook #1

This is the book I have been working on...and it has been a slow process. I already finished his 1 Year Professional Picture Scrapbook. This is his 1 Year Snapshot Scrapbook. I try to always make 2-page layouts...even if they aren't about the same thing I try to make them cordinate. I have not done the actual first page of the book yet. But here are pages 2 through 6. Page 5 has a NICU card behind the journal tag at the top...and a note under the picture in the bottom left corner that Donny wrote me after I had Xavier...and I couldn't read it til I was ready to leave the hospital. I am unsure why page 5 is smaller than the rest. I resized them all on photobucket to size large. (Are these two big for everyone to view?)

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LOVE how the pages coordinate! These are great! I was just looking through my oldest's first year book getting ideas for my next one's book. Smile I'm so excited to start Griffin's. Smile

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Coordinating pages are always the best! They look great!

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Very nice! And WTG getting these layouts done. I for some reason cannot bring myself to scrap my kids' births, homecoming, etc. I have no idea why. I think because I just want them to be perfect, idk. But I really should stop putting it off and get them done! Maybe you will inspire me! Smile