Xyron, anyone?

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Xyron, anyone?

Does anyone have a Xyron? I'm curious, is it worth getting one w/ my 50% off coupon? I'm just afraid to be wasteful w/ the adhesive and then having to buy refills for it. Opinions, please?!

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you learn how to really maximize the adhesive when you start using it. I recommend getting the 250, I don't seem to use my 150 anymore, as the 250 just seems a lot easier. I only buy the refills with a 50% off coupon. I think it's totally worth it, and can't imagine not having it. so yes, go get it!

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i have the 250 as well...it really comes in handy, especially for getting adhesive on the back of cricut cuts

ETA: the refills last longer than i thought they would

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I only have the 150, but I got mine after Gwen suggested it. It was on clearance at Walmart for like $4!!! It's definitely worth it! Esp. for the little tiny letters and cuts. One day I'll get the 250...but I'd say it'd be a great thing to use your 50% off coupon on.

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thanks for posting about this aja i was thinking of getting one the other week when i was at ac moore (and also mil and mom are asking what i want for xmas lol).

so glad to get all this feedback.
now i gotta go see how much they cost.

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I did that right after everyone's post. LOL Prices I got were directly from Xyron: $23 for the 250, so really not bad at all. $9 for the refills, which I thought was high (glad to know it lasts a while).