Yankee kids completed

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Yankee kids completed

Okay, finally got the Yankee Kids layout done. Smile I decided to double mat the photos, and I'm really happy with how that came out. All of the words/letters are outlined in black (care of the cricut markers), not sure if you can tell that from the photos.

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oh, and it's the actual photo from the wall on page one ... I replaced it with the framed 8x10 of my siggy picture. Smile

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The double mats really work! Still pops with the yellow, but ties both pages together!

And yay for getting your siggy pic up on the wall! Smile

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That looks great! I really like the double mat, too.

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That is just too cute! You better hope they are still yankee's when they grow up Wink

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that is just too cute!! i like how you outlined the letters! nice!

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Really love the matting, colors and welded letters! Great job! And good to hear you stuck your siggy pic on the wall...I really love it.

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Those pics are so cute!!!! I also love the outlining Smile

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Perfect Gwen!!

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It turned out great! Such a fun theme.

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That is really cute! I think it turned out great!

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the double matting is perfect!!

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That's awesome! And that's great that you put your siggy pic on your wall, I know your dh was resisting .... lol. Great job!

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Love the layout, but I just can get over how blonde Jordan's hair was. WOw!

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Aren't you missing a kid in there?