Yarn kitty craft project

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Yarn kitty craft project

Last night I hosted a craft night over at the church and thought I would share the project we did. We did yarn kitties which are really quite fun to make and come out sooo cute. Start to finish, it's take about 2 and a half hours.

These aren't the greatest pictures because I took them tonight. I'll try to get better pics if the sun actually decides to come out tomorrow. This one just has googly eyes, but I do have cat eyes on the newer ones I've made.

It's cute little face:

And here you can at least sort of see the shape of it's body.

Quite awhile ago I had bought this big box of craft patterns and magazines at a Goodwill. In it was this gem of a pattern from a 1990 Country Handicrafts magazine. I've never been able to find directions or pictures online (even though I've done tons of googling when I once misplaced my copy!). So I scanned the short directions and here are the links to them on my photobucket (I didn't shrink them to post so that you would still be able to read them).


Thanks for looking! Smile

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Oh my those are so cute! I'm coming back to those instructions, so I can learn to make them! Thanks for sharing. Smile

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Those are very cute!!! I can't believe you made those!!!

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how cute!

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Those are sooooo CUTE! They look so cuddly!

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Brilliant!! Love them!:D

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good job!:D

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That is adorable!