YAY! I am on a CT!

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YAY! I am on a CT!

Thanks to mommys, I applied to be on Garden Girl Designs CT team and I made it! I applied for the On-Call Team since this is the first time I have been on a CT before and I didn't want to get overwhelmed. YAHOOOO!!!! Cant wait to get started!

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congrats Yahoo

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YAY! Congrats!!!

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Woot, Congrats! CT's are great Smile

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very cool Jess! Way to go! Biggrin

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You totally deserve it girl! Good for you and congrats!

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Awesome!!!!!!! I hope you love her kits and enjoy using them.

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That's awesome!! Congratulations!

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congrats! I love being on CT's because not only do you get free kits but it forces you to scrap so you can't put it off! Smile

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congrats! Hope you have fun with it!

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that's awesome! congrats!