yay i can now post

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yay i can now post

I have no clue why but for the past month or so I could only reply to threads started by other users. I couldn't start my own. it kept telling me security token invalid or something like that. I reported it to the admins a bunch of times. Well today I tried posting again and it finally worked yay!!!!

So sorry for being mia and not being able to start any threads.

Hope everyone is doing well...looks like we will have some babies arriving very shortly. So excited for all of you.

Can't wait for the virtual crop as well.

well have to run ds just woke up from his nap.

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that's weird it wouldn't let you post. how frustrating! so glad it works now!

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That's very strange, but glad you can do it now!

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Glad you are back to full function Smile

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that must've been frusterating! Glad you are fixed.

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gosh that woulda drove me nuts!

welcome back to posting!

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Glad you're back in business!