yay, I got an atg gun..

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yay, I got an atg gun..

Smile Its the 700 (like this) instead of the 714 so I had to order the adapter for the 1/4 inch tape, but YAY. We were able to get a used one from someone my husband knows for FREE. It is in great shape, just needed to order the tape for it. I am nervous about it though, because I have read about how permanent it is. I will no doubt ruin a few things before I get the hang of it. I am so excited about it though, I fly through the adhesive so I am so happy to be able to save money on it with this!

I showed my sister and she said "dannnng that is one big glue gun" LOL.. it sure is!

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thats awesome that you got it for free. I'm still getting used to mine... it is so honkin' big isn't it?

If it makes you feel better, I have taken apart things that I taped. Just don't press it down/together til you are sure.

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oooh, awesome that you got it for free! I'd love to get one someday!

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That's awesome! Best place to buy tape = frame shop (like inside Michaels or Hobby Lobby)

I was going to say the same thing that Kelly said - don't push down and you can still pull things apart. I used it on my exploding boxes and it worked great. Have fun!

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I wasn't sure if they sold the tape anywhere locally. I have been looking around ( online) to find that out, but couldnt be sure. I hope they do sell it locally, so I can get instant gratification :p.

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You are going to love it! That's so awesome that you got one for free! This is the tape that I got, http://www.findtape.com/product297/JVCC-ATG-7502-ATG-Tape.aspx?cid=29&idx=1&tid=1&info=ATG+Tape I really like it and it is much cheaper than 3M tape. It says it's acid neutral but on the Cricut boards someone had done an acid free test on it and it showed as acid free.

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Can you show a pic of this gun???

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It looks like this one