YaY New Camera!!!!

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YaY New Camera!!!!

I am so excited, we got a new camera! Target has the camera that I've been eying on sale. We have Dh's employee discount, plus we had an extra 10% off card and the Dr Seuss coupon that we were able to use. In the end, we spent about $650 total for the Nikon D5000 plus an extra lens. I don't think we'll see it cheaper anytime soon!:yahoo: Now just to figure out all the settings, haha!

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That is great! Congrats on a new camera. So much fun!

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congrats on the new camera! im glad you got such a great deal!! Smile

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great buy! Have fun Biggrin

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How cool! I am vying for a new one right now too as my display just broke on my digital. Sad Good for you girl!

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Yahoo for a new camera! That's awesome and sounds like an amazing deal!

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:yahoo:What a deal!!! and your hubby works at Target? That's cool...it's my favorite store. Smile

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whoo hoo!!!!!!! love new camera time!

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YAY for a new camera!!! I got one about a month ago and the next day I lost the manual! Now I only have the spanish one but I can't read spanish. I hope to find it soon:confused: