Yes, I'm nuts!

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Yes, I'm nuts!

I admit it! Smile

Guess what I did Black Friday? I bought TWO (yes, 2!!!) Cricut Create machines at Michael's and charged them both to my credit card!!! :eek: I'm selling one on Ebay and it's already almost doubled my money, plus I'm selling my old Cricut bug and am going to keep one of the Cricut Create machines instead!!!! So basically it paid for itself, plus gave me some extra cash!!!! :yahoo::yahoo::yahoo: My original used Cricut is already up to $61, and I'm not selling any carts with it, but it has a brand-new mat and blade.

I was sooo nervous charging them like that on my credit card, just hoping they would sell, but it worked out perfectly!!!! Plus the Cricut Create comes with the Don Juan cart...soooo cool!!!!

HOOORAAAAY!!! I'm going to play with it today!! I haven't even cut one thing on it yet, because it's just been soooo crazy this last weekend!

Had to share my excitement! Now I can breathe easier that it's selling. I don't know what DH's reaction would've been otherwise. Wink

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I don't guess I know what the Cricut Create is, but WTG! What a smart move! Biggrin Off to check it out!

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What a great business move:)

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THat is awesome!! Way to take a risk!

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Here it is:

I bought it for only $149 on sale. It's awesome! I'm cutting with it right now. I love the auto fill and flip modes.

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wow! awesome job...I am a tad jealous Wink can't wait to see some of your wonderful creations from it Smile

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Such a great idea! I wish I would have thought of that!

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that is awesome! what a wise investment. Wink

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That's AWESOME! Good for you!!!

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That is FANTASTIC that they are selling Charys! So happy for you! And you got a new one to boot! How awesome is that?? Good for you girl!

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glad it worked out for you!

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That is fantastic!

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awesome. Glad everything worked out for you.

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sweet!! WTG Charys!

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Oooo! Way to work it, Charys! LOL

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That is a super idea! Im glad you didnt get stuck with three Wink that would have been hard to explain Lol

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not nuts at all! Nice one!:D

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Great idea, never would have thought of that! Smile

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That's awesome!!!!