Yesterday's double layout

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Yesterday's double layout

I made these yesterday. I'm pretty happy with them. I used Friendz From the Wood by Dede Smith (3scrapateers).

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

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Stephanie, great LO's. This makes me wish I did digital! I love how you blended the picture of Andrea on the top of the right page.

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Very cute lo. I have been looking for a little bird like that with it's mouth open for a page I am doing so I am so excited cause thats the one I am going to use!

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Too cute, I love the little bears!

I thought 3Scrapateers closed down last year?

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What neat embellishments on those pages...they are very good girl. I too love the bears. TFS

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super!! Biggrin

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"slurpeegirl13" wrote:

Too cute, I love the little bears!

I thought 3Scrapateers closed down last year?

No, they announced the closure and then days later announced that they were not closing. They lost a bunch of designers in the transition (not all) but just took on a few more who should all be in the store within a month.

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wow, that's terrific!!!! I love how you blended the picture into the background on the second page.

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That's really cool Stephanie! I love it all.

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i love love love how the picture in the second page is blended into the background!!
great LO's!!!!!!!!!!

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Love the bright, bold colors. The animals are cool, they look like torn paper. I agree with the others- the way you blended the pic is such a nice touch.

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Can I just say that she is ADORABLE! The new LOs are great! The colors are so pretty!

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VERY nice Stephanie!! I love Dede Smith's stufff!! I download all of her bear freebies - they are the cutest!! Congrats on joining the CT! (do they have room for one more?!) haha

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Latins! I know Latins! We went there last year for our farm theme for preschool. Its so weird how we never run into each other living so close together and going to the same places Wink

I love the little critters on the page!

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Darling layout! love the elements.