Yet another LO

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Yet another LO

I did this page today. Smile

Kayson "met" his first kitty yesterday and DH snapped these photos. He was so cute. He just kept staring at it. I wanted to keep it (the kitten), but apparently he belongs to one of the neighbors.

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I like it! You did a great job! I love the torn paper. I think I might have to try that! Wink

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Very nice!!! I love the torn paper strips too.
Awesome colors. Smile

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that looks great!!!! Smile

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How adorable! I love the layout. The torn edges, the folded corner, all of it. Great job!

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Very cute, love the lo

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oooo i like the corner turned down... Biggrin

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Besides the pictures being adorable Smile the page is great! The first thing I noticed was the colors - nice. The paper effects are great as well.

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Great job. I like the torn strips. I have done that in cards, but not in scrapbook pages. Great idea.