You asked for it! My paper scrapping efforts (Pic heavy)

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You asked for it! My paper scrapping efforts (Pic heavy)

You asked for it! Some of my dismal paper pages .... although now that I look at them they aren't as bad as I remembered. And I didn't realize I did so many 2-pagers. I used to have to scrap EVERY picture, and I've always been a shutterbug. Now it's worse though, so it's almost impossible.

Without further ado ...


My sister's wedding 2pager


Christmas 2 pager - the ribbon thing kinda fell off of this when I took it out of the plastic, I couldn't really fix it before I took the picture.

Another 2 pager

Last 2-pager

If you got this far, thanks for looking!

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WoW! Thanks! Did you draw those spiderwebs on the first page? It looks like you have always had such a neat style. TFS!!!!!!

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I think these show just how versatile you are as an artist - media doesn't matter!!!

I really love your sisters wedding l/o ... very elegant!


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you're a goober! how can you call those dismal? really, I think they're pretty good. and I have to say, I am happy to see them. your digital pages are wonderful, but it's also so nice to see the paper side of you. Wink

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Thanks, Ladies. Smile

As you can tell, too, I wasn't much on embellishments back then - and most of these pages were done before 2001, and a lot of the neat embellishments didn't really come into style til after that (plus I was a student and either a)didn't know about them or b)if I did, couldn't afford them. Stickers were much more managable Smile I didn't have any fancy tools either.

Tia - no, that was patterned paper.

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Wow!! Those are good. You were busy back then.

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YAY! I agree with Gwen, I love seeing your paper side. Wink Thank you for sharing them with us. And they are NOT dismal!! They are actually very good. If I had to pick a favorite, it would probably be the Christmas 2-pager because I like that ribbon.

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i love how much personality is in those pages, which sometimes gets lost with all of the new, fancy embellishments that are out there. those pages really show what a fun person you are.