"You Crack Me Up" layout

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"You Crack Me Up" layout

Remember this picture? Smile Here's the layout!

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hahaha, what an awesome layout Trina! I love how your scrap out of the ordinary events/pics. Kaitlyn is going to have some wonderful pages to look at when she's older. Smile

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THat is soooo cute. How could we forget that pic??? LOL

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too cute!

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Oh she's going to hate you for that some day!!! LOL!! That is too cute and so hilarious. I love that you make a page out of it.

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It's not only an adorably hilarious pic, but a fantastic layout.

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Love it!

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Definite blackmail page;)
i love it!

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Oh I love it!!! It is perfect!

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How funny! That cracks me up too Wink

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ROFL LOVE the title! What a cute idea. I am sure a lot of us have "crack" pics! TFS!