Are you on Facebook?

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Are you on Facebook?

Come find me Smile use my email breen "underscore" 81 @ att. net (remove all spaces Wink )

I have a question I would like to ask you ladies but I can't ask here.

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I am I am!!!!

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Just added you

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I am on too and just added you...

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Just sent request!

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just sent a request

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just sent u a request

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I'm going to send a message to my FB friends from this board to add you ... the sooner you get your message out, the better.

of course, I need to add you too still. Wink

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Sounds important I added you!

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I added you too Smile Wonder what your message is??? Smile

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i haven't been on here too much lately but i am still scrapbooking off and on Smile so i added ya!

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I'm sending the message now.

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added you

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I am on facebook too Smile

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I think I have sent a message to everyone who added me. If I missed you please send me a message and I'll fill you in Smile

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I'll add you! Wink

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goin to add ya right now!