You know the problem with Walmart?

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You know the problem with Walmart?

Besides the fact that their employees are underpaid? They're stuff is cheaply made?, and they are putting small stores all over America under? (I'm not a huge fan of WM in case you couldn't tell, but I do occasionally go in, cause it is cheaper than any other store on earth)
Everytime someone posts something about how they found this great deal at Walmart , Like Chary's paper in the office dept., or Tia's glass jar? I can never ever ever find it. Online, in store, anywhere. It's like it doesn't exist at my Walmart.

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Lol well, when you live in a small town like mine and the ONLY store is Walmart (like ONLY store) then I think they must have to stock it well. Sorry about not finding the paper! Did you look where the other printer/office supply paper is? It's right next to it and it says Cardstock.

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I have noticed a lot of items aren't online that I'll be searching for.

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Mine was at the super Walmart sorry I should have said that.

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I HATE Walmart too!!! I do go there a few times a year as it is the closest department store to me, but I drive an hour plus to go to Target. Walmart SUCKS!! Smile

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I know what you mean!! I have serious issues with Walmart too! But it is the fastest and cheapest way for me to shop. I can get all my health and beauty, baby supplies, and groceries in one stop!

I am however very irritated that the price for the camera I wanted was 30 some dollars cheaper online than in the stores. And the only way to get it was to have it shipped to me and by the time I paid for the shipping I wasn't saving so much. I don't understand why I couldn't get it at my local store for that price...they stock them!

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i'll take walmart anyday Smile compared to the super high prices in this country, walmart is a dream store to me! Lol

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"sweetalienchick" wrote:

i'll take walmart anyday Smile compared to the super high prices in this country, walmart is a dream store to me! Lol


Our local WM is still a regular one. Crazy huh? Ours never has anything I need. It sucks. I don't even try to look in the scrapping section. Sorry you can't find anything. :confused:

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I grocery shop at walmart because it's cheaper then going to the local grocery store.

If it wasn't for that - I wouldn't go. It's full of rude people and just way too crowded for me.

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I have found some amazing deals at Walmart before but I have also found some incredible deals at Meijer as well. I get my adhesive from walmart and always look around to see if i can find anything for really good price. I got these buttons from there once that I still use to this day that were a great deal. but they are not always there.

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I shop at Target now and only got to Walmart when necessary. They are rude, messy and crowded there. Target is quiet, clean and stocked very well!!!

I'm sorry about your awful trip!

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I couldnt find the paper or envelopes at our walmart either, I think it just depends on your area...and since we have a million other stores AND craft stores, I think they probably dont sell alot of cardstock or envelopes. They do have insanely low prices on SOME stuff, esp some food stuff.