You won't believe this! Lol!

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You won't believe this! Lol!

So, being extremely strapped for cash this Xmas, I decided to make LOs for each family member from us and that adorable reindeer craft from Cadi. At first I was panicking b/c it didn't look like she'd cooperate with me, but we finally got her hands and foot traced!

I did 11 reindeer, almost all different backgrounds. I bought a $5 set of Xmas stamps, and a 1lb bag of assorted buttons from the sewing section in Walmart for 2.38. The frames were $1 each from the Dollarama, and they had no problem with the height off the page from the buttons. Then I took real ornament hooks, and hooked them through a cut-out stencil of an ornament with "Merry Christmas" stamped on front, and hooked the ornament to the reindeer's antlers.

I did 10 LOs - some of them were fairly simple. Pics, a solid cardstock with coordinating patterned paper and a title, and then others had more embellishments and journalling. I started all of this on the 22nd!!! I did 7 LOs on Christmas Eve. Talk about freaking out. I'm very slow, even with a sketch to work from, and don't have a lot of alphabets or embellishments to work with. Plus I'm a perfectionist. It usually takes me 2+ hrs per layout.

The gifts were very well received, they loved the reindeer and apart from hating a few of the pics I chose, liked the LOs too.

The thing you won't believe is, in all the hustle and rush, I completely ran out of time to take pics of any of them before I gave them away!! :eek: LOL!!Seriously, in the year I've been scrapbooking, I probably doubled my LOs in those couple days. And there were some really good ones! Argh. I may have to ask them to take pics for me and email them b/c I like to keep a record of what I've done.

I do have the LO and reindeer I made for DH, so maybe I'll get pics of them done in a bit. Sorry for the novel!

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Oh, Lisa! I hope they send you some pictures b/c I would love to see how all that craftiness turned out.

Good for you for going handmade -- handmade is heartmade. Smile

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that's awesome! but I want to kick you for not taking pictures! ROFL (not really, but you kwim - I want to see them!)

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I almost forgot to take pics of my gifts too. I knew you ladies would want to see them though, so that helped me remember.

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Lisa! How could you do that to us??? Wink J/K but I really hope your family takes pics, because we'd love to see them. Sounds like you did a TON! Wow, I'm impressed. I bet everyone loved them! Homemade gifts are always much more special to receive!

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I'm so glad they were well received. Way to go!

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Awwww, those would have been fun to see! But I'm glad they all loved them!

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All of those things sound so great...I too would love to see them. I hope you can get some pics. I agree that homeade gifts are the best. Good for you!

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Oh, funny! I was waiting to see pictures too as I was reading your post!

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oh too bad! But like you said, they could email photos. Luckily I'm as obsessed with getting my crowns on this site as I am about scrapping so I always get pics to post straight away Lol

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Can't wait to see the pic when you are able to get it posted!

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OH NO!! That is something I would do! I can totally relate, cause you're just busy trying to get things done, who has time for taking a pic of the crafts! I hope you can get some pics of your stuff. Ive made so many gifts over the years and NEVER took pics of them. I hate that I forget but Im just focused on getting them done. Quilts, crocheted blankies, scarves, etc. No pics