your style??

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your style??

Can you describe your scrapping style? I have no idea what mine is LOL, but what is yours?

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Wish I could say I had one, but I doubt I do. I just find a LO I like and copy it! Lol

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I don't know that I have one at all. My pages can be hugely different from one another. I think that is because I'm still such a novice.

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I very seriously doubt that I have a style. It's whatever I feel like that day.

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Mine is kinda simple. That's all LOL

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I think my pages are very clean, cut, measured, simple, precision. LOL Talk about anal. LMAO

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clean and simple;)

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Well, the one consistent thing I can say about my scrapbooking is that I like to use a LOT of pictures on each page (unless I"m working on one of the professional photo layouts). I also like to mat my photos, so that's part of my style. But I love to scraplift so I do a decent amount of that. But I guess if I had to define my own style, it would involve cutting pictures to close to the same size (or use two different sizes for multiple photos so there is consistency on the page) and organizing them on the page. Yep, that's my own boring style when I'm not lifting. Lol

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well lets see if I can get a few adjectives together to try to define mine lol.

I like to scrap just one or two photos so that they stand out on the page. I scrap moments, not events. I have to have journaling somewhere on the page, even if it is the back. I care more about getting the memory and feelings down on paper than about style and product which I why I never get published lol. I think thats about it.

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I'm very "plain jane" I like solid colors and don't really use a lot of embellishments, unless I am copying a certain lo. I am trying to get better at being more varied though.