Your X-mas wishlist?

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Your X-mas wishlist?

Am I the only crazy one who's started their x-mas wishlist? Hehe!

If you are making a wishlist, what are you asking for?

I'm asking for:

All Mixed Up Cartridge
Home Accents Cartridge
Oriental Trading's Scrapbooking Embellishments
Set of 3 Black 12x12 albums from Costco

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Not crazy at all...just prioritizing! Wink
I haven't started my list, but DH is so good about getting me exactly what I want I don't have to worry. He knows well. Wink
As for other people, we draw names by couple, so I doubt I'll be getting scrapbooking stuff from anyone else.

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nope ur not crazy i start my wishlist right after xmas. but its more than just scrapbooking stuff on there. i'm holding off on requesting alot of scrapping stuff until after we get a house next year. after that's taken care of and we have more room then i'll have space to organize all my stuff better.

so no ur not nuts....

i also shop for xmas and bdays etc year round.

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I have a revolving list year round. Whatever's left just cycles on to Christmas. I can think of a few things off hand:

crop a dile Big bite
Several different cartridges (Storybook and Paper Dolls are my top two)
Markers for stamping
Paper organization
and a camera that doesn't completely suck!!!!!

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Well, I hadn't thought of it until you asked, so you got me thinking! Lol Randall's gonna love you!

Stretch Your Imagination- (my sister let me play borrow it. I didn't get to play with it much though. It has so much cute stuff!)

Home Accents



That's all for right now!

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You are not the only crazy one, I started one already to. I really want a crop-a-dile II , Stretch Your Imagination, Home Accents, and Storybook. I also want this container to hold all of my embellishments in to carry them to crops. IT is really a fishing tackle box thing that fits in a carry bag.

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A new paper cutter
distressing sponges
time to make cards

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Haven't even thought of it, but I like those albums you have on there!

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I really beyond want and need a Cricut Expression. I just can't take it. I don't know if I can wait until Christmas!!!!!!!!!!

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I've asked for Hobby Lobby gift cards so I'll put it all towards a cricut!

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"slurpeegirl13" wrote:

Haven't even thought of it, but I like those albums you have on there!

Costco has a lot of good things in their online store. There's also brown leather available too. They even have the Crop-A-Dile II like a few others have said they want for x-mas! Just enter "scrapbooking" and it'll bring everything up!

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Crop a dile
DSLR Camera.
Tags Bags and Boxes Cart.
Cricut cary case with wheels.

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I'd like a Cricut but it probably won't happen for Christmas. I'd also take a gift card to my favorite craft store. I'll need to stock up on supplies for scrapping our baby!