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I re-did the layout of Brandon eating his first real food... i wasn't all that satisfied with the original one.... I wanted to really focus on his face as well as include all of his reactions to the applesauce.. so i turned it into a 2-pager.

Here is the original:

Here's the new one I did:

Journaling reads: "Your facial expressions crack me up! This is what you did when mommy gave you your first taste of real food... APPLESAUCE! Fortunately, after you got used to the taste (a few weeks) you have grown to enjoy the taste of mommy's homemade cooking!"

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OH MY GOSH! His expressions are hilarious!!! LOVE these!!!

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I think it was a great idea to make it a two pager. I love this one!! Great job!

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Yes, I like the 2-page much better! It focuses on the expressions more! ADORABLE! Smile

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Great job!

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I love what you did with it. The first one was nice but you really did make it a great LO by making it 2 pages!

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"AshnBill" wrote:

OH MY GOSH! His expressions are hilarious!!! LOVE these!!!

I agree!!! I also love your fonts!!! Great re-do!

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You really can see his expressions better this way! And they are hilarious of course. I like how you have "Baby's first food" with the words layered over each other (man I have no idea what I am talking about - LOL - I need a lesson in digital lingo!!!). I was just thinking about printing up all of Lindsay's "first foods" pics for a page like this.