Yummy Bubbles!

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Yummy Bubbles!

I actually get to scrap today!! Yippee! I did this one this morn.

The Bubbles in this layout are a part of the Bubble Bath kit by Kristin Aagard purchased from scrapbookelements.com. Papers are all mine and template is Going Around In Cirles by
Mrs. Wresh Designs. I still have to add the journaling.

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cute! those bubbles are great!

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I love how your paper matches her pjs! Very cute

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that's so cute!!!! still blows my mind how big she is now. where did your baby go?

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oh my gosh. funny! i love the pics. perfect color choices, too!

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Your bubbles are great...that's just so cute Shelly!!!

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"tialee" wrote:

I love how your paper matches her pjs! Very cute

Ditto to that, love the coordination. Also the bubbles themselves are great.

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Oh no! That is so funny! I love that mouth full!

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So cute Shelly!!

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Love the shades of purple. They really make each other pop! Your little one is so sweet looking! Nice LO

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lol mmm bubbles!! great LO

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She is adorable! She looks just like you. Great pages, love how well the colors go with the pj's!

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