Yummy papers

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Yummy papers

I just got home from the meet the designer crop. It was not really a full crop just a 20 min class in the store while it was closed!!!! The designer of Bella blvd was there showing her new papers. This is the page we made but I have to add the title and pics. I also bought some stuff at the store but just had to show you the paper. I love picking out paper one piece at a time Smile Oh and the best part... I won the door prize!!!! It was a large set of stickers and 10 sheets of very cool paper! Just thought I would share Smile






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cant wait to see how you finish that page! i like that lucky paper!

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I ADORE those last bottom three papers (clouds, trees, cupcakes)! YAY you for winning the door prize. What a fun thing to go to! Can't wait to see how you finish that page. I know one thing...it'll be awesome. Wink

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How fun! I always pick out paper one by one, its the best way to get what you want! Im glad you had a good time, AND won the prize!

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Those are awesome! Can't wait to see your pages!

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I LOVE all that paper Tia. How fun! I heart paper now thanks to you guys. Smile

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yum! all kinds of new goodies!

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That is some yummy paper. I even want cupcakes now.

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Wow, WTG! Love the paper and those cupcake elements! Congrats on winning! Smile