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Zoo LO

Tonight I finally finished a huge LO I started a day or two ago. You know it took you a long time when you can't even remember when you started it! LOL

It is a double page LO, and the right hand page is actually a flap that opens up to reveal two more pages. Sorry for so many pics, but I wasn't sure how to best show you what I'm talking about. I also apologize for the poor quality pics! I should have waited until tomorrow for better lighting, but I'm going to be busy tomorrow and wasn't sure if I'd have time to post. I think you can get the general idea, anyway.

And my Don Juan cartridge came today! Can't wait to play with it!!!!! DD's birthday party is this weekend, though, so I have to get ready for that. Scrapbooking might have to wait until next week. Sad

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Wow, that's awesome! That's one thing that with digital is not possible (hidden pages). I can't wait to see pics of Lindsay's bday, either ... maybe get some ideas for Kaitlyn's party on the 7th lol.

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Thank you so much for posting this! It is so creative and fun. I have been stuck on a zoo layout since July 4th!!!! This is definitely inspiring!

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Haha! These pics are from July 2007, if that makes you feel any better! Smile

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It's a scrapbook within a scrapbook! That is SO creative.

I would show a lot of picture too.... that is a spread to be proud of. I'm trying to give some specific praise, but I like the whole thing so much. Great use of colors, great picture placement, great use of wording. Just awesome!

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LOVE how you got so many pics there and it looks perfect!! Like how you put them all around the main wording of the LO. It's really good work. TFS

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adorable!! love the hidden pages!

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Wow! That is a lot of work and it turned out great! Love all the different animal prints!

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Oh wow! I love how it opens up! Great job!

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That is awesome how it opens up!! I can't do anything like that because I put all my pages inside the plastic page sleeves. I have to becuase Xavier is so addicted to looking at pictures that it is the best way to ensure they don't get damaged. That and I use so many metal embellishments I feel like they will stay better in place that way. I love the animal cutouts!!!

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Thanks, everyone!

They actually are inside of page protectors. I would never let my kids near my scrapbooks without them, either! Smile I got the idea for the hidden pages from my aunt - you can fold over the cardboard edge of a Creative Memories page (I'm sure there is a more technical term for it, LOL) and attach two pages together using photo tape. That way you can still use your page protectors. I've used this technique a few times when I can't quite fit everything on a double page layout. I have a hard time deciding which pics to cut out, so I usually just end up using them all!

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I love, love, love them!! I have added them to my "inspirations" folder. TFS

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wow Katie! How did I miss this one? You rocked it! Love the hidden photos.

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awesome LO very inspiring. great job

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Those are great! I love the little animals.

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what a terrific layout!!!!! love how you did the title with the different paper. I never think to do that, I don't know why. and the layout rocks!