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Forgive me if I missed an update but did you end up getting the house? I have been wondering about it. Smile

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I feel so bad, I have lurked a lot lately, but still ended up missing a post with my own name on it!! :confused: I am sorry very sorry!!!!

We are actually still waiting to here about the house. Apparently the city requires some sort of truth in lending housing inspection (or something like that) that the seller (it's a bank) needs to do first, and their realtor actually had to fight with them over it for a couple of days because they didn't want to commit to turning on the water before we had actually came to an agreement (hope it's just them being whiny and not something actually wrong with the water). So we are still waiting, and we are officially at 2 weeks of waiting now. It's getting a little old. Sad But HOPEFULLY we hear something soon, and it sounds like they are going to accept our offer and not counteroffer, but who knows really.

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I hope they accept your offer! KUP! Biggrin

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I hope you get it...soon!!! KUP!