question need a little hhelp

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question need a little hhelp

a very good frieind of mmine is 24 weeks ppregnant wwe are askingg around for aavice an my question is is her belly is preety big an sorry for tthe medical term but its about dieareeha
shes been havingg this 3 timess a day for the last week is this nnormal why dose it happen
and what should we do aabout it thanks hope to hhear from some one soon

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The best thing she can do is talk to her doctor. and in the mean time drink lots of water. dehidration from fluid loss with diarrhea can cause preterm labor.

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I drink pedalyte to keep hydrated when it happens, but some times you do have diarrhea. you would be best to contact a doctor and just keep hydrated.

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Very strange screen name... lol