Welcome to the Second Trimester!

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Welcome to the Second Trimester!

Welcome! And congratulations! The second trimester is often the best!

Pregnancy Calendar
Pregnancy.org has a wonderful pregnancy calendar that you can use to find your estimated due date and watch your baby develop! Check it out!

Birth Boards
Birth boards are boards especially for mothers due in certain months! It is a lot of fun to watch your bellies grow and your babies grow up together! I have provided links to the different 08 birth boards. The 08 birthboards can also be accessed by the pulldown menu at the bottom of this page.

Second Trimester
Month Weeks Birth Board Blinkie
January '09 ~ Go To Board
February '09 ~ Go To Board
March '09 ~ Go To Board
April '09 ~ Go To Board


Pregnancy Tickers
La Femme Bonita
Ticker Central
Ticker Factory

Loss links
Unfortunately, loss is part of life. If you have experienced a loss, here are some links to help.
Pregnancy & Infant loss support
Interrupting a pregnancy for medical reasons
Pregnant After a Loss
Parenting After a Loss

Other Links
Third Trimester
Bedrest Buddies
High Risk Pregnancy
Pregnant with twins/multiples

Chat Now!
Pg.org also has chat rooms whether your trying to concieve, pregnant, have a baby, or just bored! Chat now!

Definitions: More here
BD -- Baby Dance
2WW -- 2 week wait (the two weeks after you ovulate and after which you can test)
BFP -- Big Fat Positive
BFN -- Big Fat Negative
O -- Ovulate
AF -- Auntie Flow/Menstruation
CM -- Cervical Mucus
EDD -- Estimated Due Date
LMP -- Last Monthly Period
DH -- Dear Husband
DD -- Dear Daughter
DS -- Dear Son
DSD -- Dear Step-Daughter
DSS -- Dear Step-Son

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Posts: 53852

I decided to put this here.

"chimmy" wrote:

Signature and Avatar Guidelines. Please notice we have specific guidelines for these privileges. Please see the section below.

1.Image dimensions and File Size Limitations:

--Avatars - You may include a small graphic image below your details in posts. Only one image can be displayed at a time, its width can be no greater than 110 pixels, the height no greater than 110 pixels, and the file size no more than 391 kb.

--Signatures - These shall be limited to 450 x 450 pixels maximum. (This translates into approximately 6.25 x 6.25 inches) with a file size limit of 250kb maximum.

2. Slideshows: Must adhere to the dimension and file size limitations above. Also, please limit to no more than 5 rotating images for the benefit of other users.

3. Content: Please be aware that all signatures should adhere to the same rules as listed within the Community Guidelines. We do not wish to restrict your right to display personal views, ideology, etc. but do ask that you continue to remain respectful of others. Please refrain from including profanity, violence, obscenity, lewd, or sexual content within either area in deference to (or as a courtesy to) your fellow members and their families. While we are not a site for children, as a parenting community there is a "reasonable expectation" that the site is family friendly. If you feel you simply must express yourself using these means we actually have private forums just for you to do so within your post instead. Smile

4. Use of multiple (stacked) images: We are aware that you may wish to include one or many worthy causes/remembrances within your signature. However, due to space constraints and loading difficulties for our users, you are still asked to contain all of your signature within the limits provided above. This does include blinkies, tickers, and other graphics. One suggestion is to create a couple of signatures and alternate.

5. No Centering: Please do not center your signature. This also causes other members to be forced to scroll on every thread you post on.

6. Courtesy in use: We are pleased to offer you this opportunity to share your families, your beliefs, and your points of interest within your signature. Please, however, be courteous to one another and recognize that you do not have to include your signature with each and every post you make. This particularly applies to those within the same thread. Once is enough.

**Please understand those choosing to ignore these guidelines will risk the loss of theses privilege(s) and a possible disablement of account for repeated offenses.**


Why are these limitations necessary?

Our web space is limited. We wish to offer the greatest perks possible, but feel these are reasonable limitations. The outcome is a faster and better site!

Our users, including each of you, benefit! Faster load times, less hang ups, and less space taken up on your personal (cache) computer files... not to mention that we are able to enjoy what you've chosen to share!

When does this policy become effective?

It is effective immediately.

How can I resize?

You can either use a photo image program on your home computer (the one that you designed with) or if you still need help please contact one of our volunteers on our Photo Gallery and Signature Help Board.

A signature? How and where do I get one?

To install your avatar or signature, simply click on profile and insert the codes for each! Still have questions or need additional help? You can ask all of your remaining questions on our Photo Gallery and Signature Help Board or email Nytewind or MissyJ anytime.

The signature size 450 width x 450 height includes tickers, blinkies, siggy cards or any other images, this excludes text since there is already a limited amount of text you can put into your siggy area.

**Some tickers exceed the width there is only so much that can be done about it since that is the size the owner of the ticker made it, only these tickers have an exception but I must recommend using a ticker that is closest in width (of 450) as possible. Your ticker should NOT be any wider than your picture or siggy card if you can help it (meaning NO wider than 450).**

If you need help resizing your siggy to meet the guidelines we are willing to help just send us a PM or email, One of us will gladly fix your siggy for you.

Examples on how your siggy should be:

This part of the Signature Guidelines are being revised.

*REMEMBER: This excludes text which can be placed in between siggy cards, blinkies and tickers*

Places to get tickers:


Avatar Instructions if your avatar doesn't stick!

For uploading the avatar -- Make sure that you are logged in. Go to profile with the url beginning at http://www.pregnancy.org/ upload the image for the avatar then in the address bar, replace the www with Bart so it reads http://bart.pregnancy.org -- go through the steps in profile again then last time replace Bart with Maggie -- so it reads http://maggie.pregnancy.org/ and upload once more. Finally go back to www.pregnancy.org go into your profile and ONLY hit submit once (no need to upload the image again) more and then go check to see if it worked may take a minute or two to mirror between servers but if you have problems just to send the url or image to Nytewind via pm or email ( [EMAIL=Nytewind@pregnancy.org]Nytewind@pregnancy.org[/EMAIL] ) along with username and she will be glad to assist you.

(This Announcement HAS been approved by Missy)