senior session - VERY image heavy

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senior session - VERY image heavy

As university employees, we don't get the full week of spring break off - but Logan does, so I took some leave on Monday and Tuesday so I could hang with him.  And one of the things we did was a really fun senior session of a friend from judo.

It was great to have Logan with me as my second shooter - for one, he kept the girl's younger brothers (twins!) entertained so that I could work with her and, for another, he has a really good eye and always gets a few shots that I miss and often his become my favorites from a session.

ANYWAY ... (sorry, I ramble) ... this girl was SO much fun!  She's a "theater chick" and is VERY comfortable in front of a camera.  She came with 4 changes of clothes and we went to at least that many locations.  :D

Here are a few of my favorites so far:

1.  50mm ap=f/3.5 ss=1/600 iso=800
2.  50mm ap=f/3.5 ss=1/600 iso=800
3. 50mm ap=f/3.5 ss=1/400 iso=800
4. 50mm ap=f/3.5 ss=1/1000 iso=800
5. 200mm ap=f/8.0 ss=1/200 iso=640 [this is one of Logan's]
6. 50mm ap=f/3.2 ss=1/3200 iso=1600
7. 50mm ap=f/3.2 ss=1/1600 iso=1600
8. 50mm ap=f/2.5 ss=1/2500 iso=1600
9. 50mm ap=f/3.5 ss=1/3200 iso=1600
Feel free to CC if you like.  No need to do it for all of them, if you do, I know there are a lot.  I had a LOT more I wanted to share really, but I figured I would just bring things to a grinding halt if I did that.  ;)
It was really a fun way for Logan and I to kick off our week.  We had a lot of fun together and he is so proud of his shots.  I love sharing this hobby with him!


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These are wonderful, GiGi!

These are wonderful, GiGi! You've really captured her spirit in these. How awesome to work with Logan, and to work with someone who is so comfortable in front of the camera, too.

1. Love! Great leading lines, wonderful capture of their relationship.

2. Also love! Really nice angle. The skin looks a touch peachy perhaps? Not sure, it looks really pretty and fresh, just wondering about a quick check of the RGB values to make sure you nail it.

3. Great outfit, great pose, great attitude! I wish she was positioned a bit differently, either a bit more to the left of the frame or else with her hand on the door as though about to go in. She's not quite 'perfect' where she is, but that's a major nitpick, because attitude, pose, everything is spot-on.

4. So fun! I think this does have too much red in it or something, though. Maybe the brick is throwing me off. Just looks a bit overall too red. Love the attitude.

5. One of the weaker ones for me. Great expression, but there's not much light in her eyes, and not enough foliage on the left to 'frame' it. But even as a weaker one, it is beautiful.

6. Very well composed and lovely. I think she doesn't look entirely comfortable leaning, though. If it was a regular stump, it might work better, but as a seat it looks like she should either be sitting, or leaning in a more natural way. Somehow she looks 'propped' there and not entirely comfortable. But the way her body is in the frame is great, and I like the slightly more subdued, almost coy look here.

7. Super fun! I love the attitude! The angle feels like it should be either more off-kilter or more straight, but that's nitpicky. You've captured a huge amount of fun and attitude here. Might be just a touch too bright?

8. This does feel too bright too, but I love it. It seems to show a softer side. I wonder how it would look converted to a B&W?

9. So sweet!

Fantastic job, GiGi, you should be proud!

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Thanks for the feedback,

Thanks for the feedback, Tracy!  I edited most of these on my laptop and once I get them uploaded, color issues always come out.  ;)

I've got a long list of shots that need to be re-worked.

I was really proud of the way Logan worked on this shoot.  He's coming with me on Sunday for an engagement shoot too.  I LOVE having a 2nd shooter in the family.  Carlos comes and mans the reflector and stuff like that.  I have such an amazing team!!  :D


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GiGi- how fun this would have

GiGi- how fun this would have been!  You did a great job!  I bet it was a blast being that she's comfortable with the camera!

1. This is so sweet and so fun!  Mom will LOVE this one! 

2.  I feel like this one might be a bit cool?  Don't quote me there.  I do like the simple expression and the pose.

3. LOVE!!!!!

4. I really don't care for her expression here.  The toe point is great though!  I think it is too red though.

5. I really like this one, but I think if the leaves weren't there, it might be a bit stronger?  If it was part of the bokeh it would work better I feel.

6. I love this one.  My eyes do go to the electrical outlet a bit though.

7. What an awesome location and awesome idea for a picture!  

8. I think this one is a bit bright, but I love this pose and her fantastic smile! 

9. OH SO SWEET!  My only nitpicky thing here is I wish the playground wasn't in the background.