"Dear Mommy"

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"Dear Mommy"

My sister posted this on her facebook and I thought it was adorable.

It's a sweet letter "written" by a newborn to its mom about the joys of breastfeeding. It's so sweet and REALLY makes me want to nurse a newborn again!!!

Enjoy :bfing:


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That is so cute!! It makes me want to nurse a newborn again too! Its amazing all the little tiny facts you wouldn't really know about breastfeeding and how its amazing. Something I found out from my LC and was in this letter was that the amount of colostrum is the PERFECT amount for the size of the baby's tummy. That just blows my mind!!!!

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That made me tear up a little.
The comment about the colostrum attaching to the biliruben made me wonder why it seems (just from reading stories on these boards and around the internet) why over there if a baby has jaundice they seem to push formula. The midwives told me to feed, feed, feed for Ronin's slight jaundice and it was gone in a couple of days.