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Removed thread

Hi all,

While we respect that some of you may have opted to move elsewhere, please understand that you cannot use this forum as a means to recruit others to do the same as it goes against our Community Guidelines.

As for posting web addresses to other sites, we don't mind if you do, if it helps someone with information or advice we don't have here. We do ask that you do it once or twice where appropriate (not multiple times all over the boards), use common sense and netiquette. We ask our members to refrain from posting on the boards specific events that are alternatives to the normal routine at Some inappropriate examples would include telling members to go elsewhere to meet off-site to chat instead of using our software here on site or purposefully using our site to promote another community/group without permission. Because our community is so open (everyone can see and post everywhere) this behavior affects the site as a whole and can be extremely disruptive. We ask that you respect your community and the other members using it. If we find that a member is purposely attempting to move our members off-site, (whether publicly or privately), it will be dealt with accordingly, including disablement of the account.

For those wishing to continue to participate here, know we love having you! Please let me know if you have ideas for the group that you'd like to see.

If anyone has questions feel free to email me at [email][/email].