1 month old!

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1 month old!

Technically he was 1 month old yesterday but he had his appointment today Smile Isaiah was born weighing 7lbs 5oz and 19.5in long. Today he was 10lbs and 21.5in! The boy likes to eat Wink Everything looks great though, yesterday I think we got our first responsive smiles which is always exciting and he's doing everything they want a 1 month old to be doing. She didn't really have any advice for me, I think he has some tummy issues but I guess since he's gaining weight she's not concerned? His belly makes some very loud grumbling noises and when I lay him down after I feed him he just grunts and grunts while pulling his legs up like his tummy is bothering him. I keep meaning to pick up some gripe water, I've tried gas drops and they didn't seem to make much of a difference.
I'd tell you all I read much more than I post but I'm sure you all understand Wink I don't get online time when I'm not nursing these days

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Awww. Congratulations! Thalia hits one month Saturday.

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Great growth! Sounds like he had a great appt!

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One month already? Crazy! Growing like a champ, too!

Have you already tried bicycling his legs to work out some gas?

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Growing good! Gas sucks! Carter is pretty gassy, but he is constantly passing gas. I hope you find something that works soon. Gripe water is fabulous!

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It sounds like he's doing really well!!!

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Wow, one month already! How crazy is that? Sounds like he's doing great!

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Sounds like he is growing really well. How can he be one month old already???

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Happy 1 month! We have been using a lot of gripe water!