1 More Week.

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1 More Week.

Hi ladies, sorry for not being around much. I've been downgraded to using my laptop since my desktop seems to have quit for some reason. Hubby needs to find time to fully check into the problem and fix it up again. I love my laptop and all but some things are a pain in the butt on here lol.

Anyways, in one week there's alot happening. Next Monday is my birthday, I turn the big 3-0, yikes! lol. Then on Tuesday at 12:30 EST, I have my ultrasound and will know for sure when my due date is, I still say it's the very end of the month and that my early u/s is right, but my NP said to wait till next weeks u/s to know for sure since sometimes the early ones can be off and the 18 week ones are a bit more accurate. Wednesday I go and have a couple hours to myself to get my hair cut and re-highlighted. My hair has turned awful and due to other things we had to deal with it's LONGGGGGGGGGGGGg over due for a highlight! Then we have Easter weekend, when we go to the inlaws for Easter dinner and then everyone will know my little secret I've been keeping for close to half a pregnancy. Not sure how I feel about that actually lol. My dad will know on my bday since he'll be calling, and I'm NOT too thrilled about it. I got comments with Hailey and I know I'll hear something and I'm really not in the mood for peoples sarcasm. I deal with enough crap on a regular basis so that's not something I need, kwim? And then I can finally let it be known on Facebook, there's been soooooo many times I've almost let it slip.

I'm tempted to post a simple status today that says nothing but "1 More Week" and see what people say lol. I know my MIL will be one of the first to jump on and say "till what". Hahaha, oh if only she knew. But my simple answer would be "my bday, I get to treat myself and get my hair done and of course Easter" leaving out all the baby details. Family and friends sure like to make things complicated at times when you have news don't they?

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Wow, lots is happening!

I turned 30 a couple of weeks ago and I had no trouble with it!

I still can't believe you have kept the pg a secret even though I understand why!

Make sure you take before and after pics of your hair!

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That is alot going on!
I completely understand on wanting to wait and holding out on the news, because my il's have been crappy about our news too... oh well, hopefully yours will go better!

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How exciting...you certainly have a lot going on.

I turned 30 last year, and it was just another birthday for me. I don't think it bothered me as much because I look younger than 30...I always get carded and they always do a double take, lol. Right now is the first time I actually feel 30 though. Being pg at 30 has been so much harder on my body than being pg at 26, that's for sure. Oh well, it's for a good cause Wink

I would love to see pics of your new do. I normally try to get mine done every 8-12 weeks but it's been awhile (since my mc in Nov.) and my hair is long and blah right now. I have an appt. at the end of the month and I can't wait. I'm going to need a shorter do for the hot summer.

I can't believe you have been able to keep this pg a secret for so long. I'm sure it will be relief when you finally get to announce it.

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I turned 30 in December (2 days after getting my BFP) and I still don't know how I feel about it... lol! I hope you have an amazing birthday and enjoy getting your hair done!

I'm sorry you're anticipating a negative reaction to your news. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that you get a pleasant surprise and people keep their obnoxious comments to themselves!

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Thanks ladies. Hmm, before pics, not so sure I wanna do that, it's horrible lol. I'm just getting the usual done, a highlight, maybe 1-2 inches off and the sides layered. Last few times I've gotten both highlights and low lights however this time I think I might just go with one colour. Normally I go with blonde highlights, and a caramel coloured lowlight, but I LOVE the caramell colour so I might just get it in the caramel. I've thought about maybe getting bangs again, but to be honest, I HATE them I can't stand having hair on my face, I usually pin my bangs back in a clip or since they're long enough I can pull all my hair back in a pony tail on the really hot days. I tried the bang thing once and they were fine for a while but once they started growing I hated it lol. Hair clips didn't look right and they were too short to do anything else with. Now the bangs/sides are all layered and I can have it looking decent up or down lol.

I to can't believe I've kept it to myself for so long I did tell a few people, mostly online friends, and last week I told a friend of ours and told him he can't say ANYTHING because no one knows, and I told a couple people at Heather's preschool, only because I worked with them years ago and I got asked "So are you done now" when I was there to pick up Heather, so I was like uhh, well, DON"T say anything, but I'm currently pregnant" lol, she thought I was crazy BUT she said it in a joking way and was really nice about it. Oh well, the deed is done and whether anyone likes it or not, another little bean will be here before we know it. Sorry your IL's are still being crappy about your news Erin, I would think it's worse with twins Sad

As for turning 30, one day I say oh it's another day, like any other bday, and then another day it's like a major freak out lol. We'll see how I take it once Monday gets here Lol