13 Week Appt - U/S Booked! :D

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13 Week Appt - U/S Booked! :D

So today I had my 13 week appt. All is well. BP was 132/65 I think? I can't remember the other number but I know it was 132 lol. According to THEIR scale I'm down a couple lbs from last appt which would make it that I've lost about 4lbs, however, I weighed myself 2 hours before I left and it said I lost 6lbs from last appt, which would make total loss of 8lbs since getting pregnant but now mine says I gained 3lbs since then, so I guess theirs is right for once lol. Oh well 4lbs lost isn't so bad Smile

She also found baby bean's heartbeat!!!!! Yahoo :yahoo:. With Hailey omg, it took till almost the ultrasound to know if she was living or not because I had an anterior placenta which means it was closer to the front, therefore making it harder to find/hear her. Baby bean's HB was around 157, she said it'll probably slow down some but I dunno. Both my girls were ALWAYS that high, my boys hardly ever got up to 150, so maybe, just maybe, it's another girl? We'll see!

I'm measuring in at 14 weeks, which puts me right on target. She gave me the req to book my 18 week ultrasound, which will be done the week before my next appt. I told her that the first u/s I had a while back, the tech said that I was measuring in at 9 weeks instead of the 10 based on LMP, but she said sometimes that doesn't matter the 18-20 week one is more reliable for dating purposes, so right now I"m technically 14 weeks as opposed to the 13 based on that ultrasound. I'll know better in a month and will leave my ticker at the 13 weeks for now since I'm sure it won't change much, if any. Ultrasound is booked for April 19th at 12:30! That's kinda like a bday gift to me, because my birthday is the day before, but Mondays aren't good for hubby to take time off so I made it for the Tuesday. That also means that on the same day I can call and book my 3D u/s :D. It's going to be sooooo hard not to post the u/s pics on Facebook though because family won't know till that weekend when we go for Easter dinner lol. OH well it'll only be a couple days to wait, then everyone will know!

Well I think that's it for now, was a good appt and wasnt expecting to get the req' to book my u/s till my next appt!

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Glad your appt. went well and you were able to book your next u/s. Our little one was also measuring a week behind until last week and now it's measuring a day ahead. I was sure of my dates and it was really bothering me that it was measuring behind. I guess they all grow in their own way and time though, huh?

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Kristina sounds like a great appt and how exciting that your scan is in just a few weeks!!!