18 month

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18 month

How did this happen???!!! It seems like yesterday I was bringing them home.

Anyway, twins had their 18 month appt (a little late). Everything was ok but she wasnt happy about their weights. We were hoping for more of a gain. Kay was 20.5 lbs and 29" 10 percentile for both and Brad was 23lbs even and 32" 25 percentile for weight and 75 for height. All in all they are heathy and happy. Kay didnt make a peep with her needles and Brad lost it!

How is everyone elses babes doing????

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Crazy how big they are getting! I've enjoyed things about every age, but I think 18-24 months was my favorite with DD1, so I'm enjoying and looking forward to the next few months with DD2. They make so many leaps in their communication abilities and expressing their personalities!

We had our 18month appt this week too (at almost 19m, whoops!). Doc says she's growing/developing the way he'd expect. Just one shot (HepA), which she was NOT a fan of. Go Kaylee with her bravery!

El babbles constantly, lots of inflection and expression, but with just a handful of understandable words. She also knows a few signs, which is very helpful! All in all, things are going well.

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They shouldn't gain as fast still at this age and this time of year. They are starting to run, sleep less and are growing much more cognitively. Plus you are probably outside a lot more with them.

Alice had her appt on the 10th. She is finally, FINALLY back on the chart at a whopping 19lbs. The dr was ecstatic. I was really hoping she'd be up to 20lbs, but am happy that she is growing at a slightly faster rate than is normal so she can play catch up. She is still pigeon-toed but it doesn't affect her.

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Thalia had her 18 month appointment on 3/9/2013 (she turned 18 months on 3/1) Weight: 22.6, Height 31.5, HC: 46.5. She's growing but the drs say she is on the small size but she's on target.

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Our 18 month was way back in February. I'm kind of bad because people ask how old she is and I still say 18 months (currently 21 months).
at 18 months:
Height 30" (7.08%), Weight 20 lb 12.5 oz (25.91%) HC: 45.7 cm (36.20%)

She is almost 22 lbs now. The amount she eats we thought she would be bigger but I guess she needs the energy!

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Selah is doing great! She is such a big kid now... Talks in 4 and 5+ word sentences. Can hum the Star Wars theme song thanks to her brother and sister. I don't remember her exact stats at her 18 month appt., but she is in the 10-15% range for everything, if I remember correctly. (Which isn't too bad as her older siblings are in the 3-10% range for everything so she is right inline with our genetics!). She got two shots at her 18 month, cried for a bit, but not too long. She has been using the potty for about a month now... we still have her in diapers, but she tells us "potty" all day long and goes pee and poo both on her little potties. I'm just not ready to take her out of diapers yet. She desperately wants to ride a tricycle like her sibs, but her legs are too short to pedal! That is about all I can think of atm.