18 week appt...

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18 week appt...

So, I had my 18 week appt. this morning. Boring, easy appt. Gained about 4 lbs. from last month (I'm not surprised, too much icecream and that dang 5lb. bag of Haribo gummi bears I ordered from Amazon, not to mention it was a different scale at a different site). So, I'm up a total of 5 lbs. so far, I think. I had to take both of the kids with me and they did really well. DS really liked hearing the baby's heartbeat, which was about 144-147 beats per minute. I saw a different OB today. He was an older man... kind of a little odd sense of humor. But, when I went to schedule my next appt., I was told that the female OB I had seen for my first 3 appts. left the practice on the 31st of March. This really upset me, as I really liked her and how come she didn't tell me in person at my last appt.that she was leaving as she was my main OB??? Now there are only 3 male OBs in the practice and I really wanted a female OB. Not sure how comfortable I will be spreading my legs at delivery time for the male OBs as I've only had a female OB and a female midwife with my other two babies. So, I've found this practice that is all female midwives that I "think" our insurance would cover. Only problem is that it is at least a 45 min. drive in good traffic. So, I'm torn between giving them a try or searching for a different female OB nearby with a different practice. I originally wanted a midwife and was even considering a birthing center birth, but with the move and such, I just picked a close office to get my prenatal care going. I would also deliver at the hospital which is about 45-50 min. away... but they advocate for natural childbirth. I did natural childbirth with my first two kids and had long labors... (30+ and 15 hrs.). So, I'm not too worried about making it there in time. I just don't know what to do. I just think I can't handle going to a practice that only has male drs. What would you do?

To end with some good news. I got my referral for my 20 week u/s today and scheduled it for the 27th, 2 weeks from today!!! And it's late enough in the afternoon that DH should be able to get off work a bit early to go with me. He missed my last 20 wk u/s when I was preggo with DD because we had no babysitter and they wouldn't let DS in the u/s room.

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Glad your appt. went well. My appt. yesterday was nice and boring as well.

As for the OB, when I had Brandon my OB was male but there were two female doctors in the practice. The women have left the practice and now the practice has only male doctors. It doesn't really bother me though, I don't know why. When I had Brandon, I think every nurse and doctor in the L&D ward was up in my business so it really doesn't phase me anymore. I've also had several internal exams this pg due to all the spotting, and I just don't even think twice. I think it would be fine if you stayed with the practice and had a male OB.

Since you were really interested in a midwife though, and you've found a group you like, you may want to consider it, in spite of the hospital being so far away. Our hospital is an hour away. Chris wanted me to change medical groups so we could go to one closer, but I really like the hopital so I vetoed him. I figure we'll make it work.

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First of all, hooray for a good appointment and scheduling your ultrasound! Woohoo!

Secondly, I'm sorry that your main doctor left the practice. If I were you, I would take the time to check out all the options. You're 18 weeks, so you have time to think about it and come to a decision that you're comfortable with. Call the midwife practice and talk with them. Call some female OB's in the area and talk with them. Hopefully that will help you to be able to figure out what's best for you. Since you don't have super fast labors, I would probably choose the hospital that is a little farther away but that is more natural childbirth friendly. But that's just my opinion, and you need to do what feels right to you. Good luck with this decision!

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I have a feeling your female OB left unexpedily most likely for whatever reason cause I'm sure she would have told you. You may want to do a search for her and see where she moved to. You might be able to go to her new practice. As far as having male doctors, my practice has had 4 male doctors for as long as I can remember. They have just added 2 females to the practice this year. I actually like my male docs better. They listen to me and treat me very gentle. The female is more short and I feel blows me off with my questions. I am going to talk to my regular OB next week when I see him at my appt cause I don't want her to deliver my child

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I have heard great things about male doctors. I have never had one myself until I was in the ER earlier in this pregnancy and he was the sweetest, kindest, and most gentle doctor I've had. I am actually still considering switching my OB to a male dr. in the same practice. I know it's incredbibly nerve-wracking but really you should just follow your heart. You are the one that needs to feel the most comfortable.

Yay for a scan in 2 weeks! Mine is on the 28th so I am right there with ya girl!

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I'm with you on feeling not so great about male ob's. The ob with my midwife's practice is male, but he is the first male ob I've ever encountered that I'm actually comfortable with. If it were me, I'd switch to the midwife practice. It will only really be a hassle to drive that far when visits go down to once a week and that is when you'll be in the home stretch.