2 month vaccines

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2 month vaccines

Andrew got his 2 month vaccines last Monday and life has been a nightmare since! He is extremely irritable. He sleeps for 30 minutes then wakes up screaming. In the evenings, he cries and cries like something is bothering him. He has a rash on his face and chest. I took him to the doctors today and he kind of blew me off. He says babies are just fussy and if he's gaining weight hes fine and bring him back next week if he's not better. Has anyone else baby reacted strangely to vaccines?

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I have no advice but hope he starts feeling better soon.

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He was fussy the day of the vaccine (I didn't get all 3, just one) but hasn't been so bad since. Do you like your pediatrician? If he's blowing off a concern that you have I'd be tempted to switch, you are paying him to do a job and if he's blowing you off he's not doing his job. Even if it isn't anything serious he could at least reassure you or tell you what is causing the rash. Isaiah is rashy but she's always explained his different rashes, the cradle cap on his face/scalp, on his chest/arms/legs he was getting a rash that she said was caused by bathing him too much and it did go away once I reduced baths to twice a week. I love our ped but I have gone through 3 different peds since my first was born so I know what it's like to have one that blows you off.

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On the paper they give you about vaccines, it says how you can report a reaction. If you think this is q reaction I would report it.

And I would switch ped's. I've been through four ped's at two offices since dd1 was born. I take serious offense to being blown off or when a ped crosses the line and tells me how to do my job as a mom.

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I've never had any issues with needles with any of my kids, but just wanted to say hope you can figure out what's bothering him and hope things settle down soon :openarms:

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Sounds like a bad side effect of vaccines.

I'd definitely report it. I don't think enough bad reactions get reported, and simply get blown off by pro-vaccination healthcare providers because they believe in them so adamantly.