2 sick babies (xp)

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2 sick babies (xp)

DD1 came home with a nasty cold and, depsite all my efforts, the babies and myself got it. I know that you can't give them medicine (other then tylenol for fever) but I was wondering if anyone has any suggestions to speed up the recovery process?

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Kesler just got over the nasty cold too. Try a humidifier ( that's what my dr reccommended) I'm sorry the twins r sick Sad hope u al have a speedy recovery.

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Unfortunately, there isn't much you can do. You can get some saline nasal spray (just make sure thats all thats in it) and squirt some in their noses to help loosen stuff, and then use a nasal aspirator to try to clear some of the junk in there. Humidifier in their room. They also have baby Vicks, don't know if it actually does anything to help them with the congestion, but at least you feel like you are doing something! If you are breastfeeding, feed feed feed and try to get some of your antibodies in there. If they are having trouble breathing laying down, see if they sleep better upright, like on your chest. Good luck!