20 week belly pic. :)

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20 week belly pic. :)

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I think Logan is definately growing! Biggrin

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Lookin' good! Smile

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You look great!

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Half-way! You look great!

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Thanks! Smile I think I need to lay off the Easter candy! I'm starting to look fat in my face, which is what I looked like with my 1st son, I ate too much candy with him, my 2nd son, not so much sweets, and I looked normal, just a big belly. Now i'm starting to get the porker face! SO I am laying off the candy, I may even throw it all away today so i'm not tempted! lol

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Cute belly! I know what you mean about the candy! I am going to take mine to church and set it out for the children's ministry volunteers after they serve. The girls got a ton of easter candy and I just can't have it in the house otherwise I end up eating it all. No self-control here.:mad:

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Awww! Hello sweet baby Logan!

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I saw this on facebook last night and my first thought was how much he had grown!

As for gaining weight in the face, I always think it is inevitable (I hate looking at pictures of me later in pregnancy) but I feel as long as my upper arms stay the same, I am doing okay! You look great!

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You look awesome!!!

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You look great!!!!

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Lookin' good, mama!