20 wk u/s, insurance, OB office rant... le sigh...

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20 wk u/s, insurance, OB office rant... le sigh...

I was supposed to have my 20 wk u/s this afternoon. So excited. Yesterday afternoon, the OB office called and said that the u/s place I was supposed to go called and wante my referral. The receptionist at the OB office asked if I had it, and I said "Yes, I have he paper my OB gave me as my referral to call the u/s place and set up my appt." She told me that wasn't what she meant, but that she needed the referral from my PCP, primary care physician. I do noto have a PCP since we just moved here in February... no one told me I had to have one. NO ONE, either my OB office or the u/s place said I needed it for my insurance to cover the u/s which was supposed to be today. So, I call my insurance company and they said that the place I have my u/s scheduled for is covered under my plan but only if I have a referral from a PCP, not my OB. What the heck? So she said I needed to find a PCP and see if they could put in an order so I could make it to my appt. I call DH and get our log-in info for our insurance and I choose a nearby PCP who is taking new patients. I add her as my PCP and then call their office to see if there is anyway I can get her to put in the order, explaining the mistake. They absolutely refuse, saying they need to see me and and that they probably won't be able to fit me in this week. We are gone out of town for a week and then my mom is visiting for a few days after that. So it may be almost 2 weeks before I can be seen. And then it takes 7-10 days to get the referral put in and then it may take 2 weeks to get an appt. at the place I have one scheduled with for this afternoon, but need to call and cancel... even though my insurance works with them and will cover the u/s, but only if I have a referral from the PCP. I was so upset last night. I'm still frustrated this morning... but, I'm going to get off here, get the kids dressed, and make some phone calls to see if I can figure anything else out. Don't know when we will get to meet this baby now. I even had a babysitter lined up and we were going out to dinner to celebrate after the u/s today... now everything is cancelled. Sad

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:bigarmhug: I'd be calling every PCP accepting new patients and seeing if they would send the order in without seeing you. Hopefully you can find someone, I know how upset you must be as we had the same thing a few weeks ago...had our gender u/s set up along with dinner plans to announce it and then had to cancel it a day ahead. Hopefully you can find some way around it.

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What a bummer. I agree with Mandi's advice, call around to some of the other PCPs and see if they can get you in sooner. My medical group is really good about filling all the necessary paperwork right away, so I've never had an issue. When I need to be referred for something, they are already starting the paperwork before I'm out the door. Every PCP is different. I hope you can find someone so you can get your u/s soon.

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I am so sorry, how frustrating! Let us know of you find a solution!

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I also agree with Mandi that I would be calling around, but I would not be surprised if no one is willing to write that order. Seems very silly to me for the Ins to request that anyway.. I mean usually the OB is the one that is 'caring' for the pregnancy!

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I hate when these people wait for the very last second to check your insurance. What are you supposed to do with less than 24 hour notice? I once had a doctor's office wait until I was sitting in the waiting room to check, and due to a bug in the insurance system, they told them I had no insurance! So there I was in the waiting room, sobbing and saying that something was wrong, I had insurance! I just hadn't gotten a card yet! It was horrible.

Good luck, and I hope you find a PCP that is willing to work with you since your insurance clearly isn't!

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Did you have a PCP where you moved from. If you did I might try calling them and seeing if they would fax an order over.

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How strange that they are requiring a PCP referral rather than the OB. Is that standard, I wonder?

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OH my stars! How frustrating! I hope you get it figured out and get in today. :bigarmhug:

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That sucks! My pcp won't even know I'm prego unless I get suck otherwise, I done see the big deal. The ob is the one who wants to see the baby, not some pcp who has never met you. Hopefully you can figure something out!

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Just another thought, you can't add your ob as your pcp can you? I don't have a pcp provider myself but when I am asked I usually just give them the name of my midwife since she's all I really see anyways, I've never been asked by insurance though so I don't know if that would be okay or not.

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Wow that is super frustrating! I hope you get it all worked out quickly!

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Wow sorry you're going through all of that. Hope you're able to figure something out and not have to wait too long for your u/s! :bighug: