27 week apt

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27 week apt

I'm on weekly visits now till Kyan's born. Dr said I could do activites as tolerated and I'm not on bed rest. Getting Kyans offical birthday scheduled tomorrow! I can't wait (: Makes everything so much more real! I see my midwife the 12th and we'll probably schedule another measurement scan cause I'm measuring almost 6 weeks over what I should be. :confused: Guess I got a fat boy in there! My last son was 9lbs 2 oz.. Plus I have to go over to Alabama to get a in debth U/S done cause of the various meds I was on prior to getting pregnant and for a good month or so after I was pregnant. They're checking for deformities and such. I believe he's perfectly OK!!! But they are wanting to make extra sure. That's all I have for an update right now.. Guess things are better for the time being.

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I'm glad to hear things are going better and you don't have to be on bed rest. Hopefully the rest of your pg will pass smoothly.

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So glad things are going better! Keep us posted!

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I am glad things have turned around but I was a little concerned that they didn't put you on a modified routine. Did they explain why you went into preterm labour?

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Glad everything is going good. Take it easy and KUP!

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kup, Glad evrything seems to be going well now.

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Well, I'll know more next tues on what my instructions are in detail. The dr that delivers Kyan was short and in and out as fast as he could. Didn't get into detail about too much.. My midwife knows more about whats going on than he does so, I'll know more about my restrictions then. He just said that I could do things that were within my comfort/tolerance zone. And obv it's not too much to be honest with ya. I'm listening to my body and monitoring lil mans movements. Which isn't hard to track cause I swear he must take power naps and then continue his TAE KWON DO class he's teaching in my belly. He's so active I know he's alright (=