27-week growth scan

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27-week growth scan

So I had my growth scan this morning. Baby is looking great. He is measuring six days ahead at 28 weeks (55th percentile) and weighs an estimated 2lbs. 5oz. He is head down but "sunny-side" up. They weren't worried though they said he's almost in the perfect position and he has plenty of time left. I was just thankful he wasn't breech. I guess he is punching my bladder and not kicking it, lol. I'm going to have one more growth scan in four weeks and then I think that will be it.

I got some great shots. The tech was filling in for someone and she agreed to try the 4D shots since she's not used to such a good machine.

And there's this shot, which I think is hilarious. It seriously looks like he's picking his nose.

Here's a 27-week belly pic. My maternity tanks have stopped covering my entire belly. How sad, lol.

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ROFL OMG!!!! I LOVE the pic of him picking his nose!!!! ROFL

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Look @ those lips!!!!! Lenora I am so glad that all is going so well!

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Glad everything is looking good! Great pics- LOVE the nose picking one ;-). And you look fantastic, by the way. You're all belly- no weight anywhere else... I'm jealous ;-).

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Great pics!! I love the 3d pictures at this stage, it'll be fun to compare with his newborn pictures Biggrin
And you look great!!

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Omg those pics are great!!! Makes me a tad jealous because we couldn't get shots like that of baby girl, she wouldn't co-operate! I love how he's picking his nose, too cute - it's almost like he's saying, well, might as well do it while I can, no one's looking LMAO! Surprise surprise little one ROFL

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Those are great pics...I just died laughing w/ the one of him picking his nose

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Hehe great pictures Smile and u look great!!!

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Hey, I just noticed. In the nose picking shot, is that his foot?? Looks like a heel and the toes to me. If so he's one talented little boy to get those boogies out with his toes Lol

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I love the nose picking pic!!! The pictures are really clear!

I agree with the maternity tank thing! None of mine are covering anymore as well!

You look great!