28 week appointment update

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28 week appointment update

Well, it was my first official visit with the midwives.

Not too much went down, weight gain is fine (14 lbs total), measuring at 30 weeks (first time Ive been measured this time!), heartbeat was good.

They drew my blood to check if Im anemic, so I guess I'll get those results in a bit.

They're also sending me to a perinatologist for a repeat ultrasound, as at my 20 week scan they couldnt see all the parts of the heart the way they wanted to (but what they could see looked fine) and because it showed that I had a marginal placenta previa (barely). So, they just want to make sure that everything is good, and they like the perinatologist ultrasounds better than just a tech. Also, they want me just to chat with the peri due to my refusing the GD testing (Im testing regularly using a glucometer).

anyway, I still like them though I didnt like today's midwife quite as much as the one I did the consult with. I'll eventually (probably) see all of them just so Ive met the person who will be in L&D.


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Glad you had a good appt. When will your u/s be?

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glad you had a good appt Smile

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Yeah for a good appointment

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Glad it went well- keep us posted on the ultrasound.

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yay for a good appt!!!!!! Biggrin

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I'm glad to hear the appt. went well!!!