28 week appt & GD test today-update at end

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28 week appt & GD test today-update at end

So I go at 4 for my test. I'm so excited...lol. I ate some toast which they said I could have. Now I just have to wait till 3 to drink the stuff. I'm gonna talk to the doc about inducing. I never thought I'd say that but with my situation I kind of want my mom to be here . since she lives in MISSOURI that will be tough.

Honestly at this point I think I'm gonna start looking for jobs and places to live closer to her. I hate Ohio and there really is not much for me here anyway. I may just not go back to my job if I can find one out of this state. Which would be wonderful.

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Good luck on the test!

Let us know what the doc says about induction...

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Good luck with the test, the induction talk and the job hunt

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Good luck with everything! I hope your appointment goes well today and you get some helpful information about induction. I'm sure you'd do this anyway, but I'm just going to throw this out there because of my personal experience- if I were you, I would do a lot of research on induction, including chemical vs. more natural methods. For some people induction goes absolutely great. I was not one of those people, so I am personally trying to avoid one, but I totally understand that with your situation it makes sense, and I know you will make the decision that is best for you and your baby! I think it's a great idea to look for a job near your family- I hope it works out for you!

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Good luck with your test!

My doctor actually suggested induction, since my first labor was super fast. She said it might help it be a little more controlled. But I must have given her a Look, because she said she was just throwing it out there, and we didn't have to go that way! lol

Let us know what your doctor says.

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Good luck with your GD test.

I was induced with my first but my body wasn't really ready to go into labor at 34 weeks so it didn't go so well for me and I ended up with a c-section. This time around I'm going for a VBAC so induction is out of the question (it increases the risk of rupture). I think it can work well for women at the end of their pregnancies whose bodies are ready to labor on their own, so if you choose that route, I hope it will go smoothly for you.

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Appt went well. The stuff wasn't bad to drink, it reminded me of those freeze pops you buy. I'm measuring right on at 28 weeks. I actually lost a pound so now I'm only up 9 lbs. Doc still didn't seem concerned so I'm not worried. He said he's not worried about the GD test coming back positive either, said he'd be surprised if it did. We talked about pediatricians in the area to start interviewing. As far as the induction unless it becomes a necessity they let things happen naturally. Which I'm ok with it is safer and healthier I am sure. Hopefully they'll be enough time and my mom can make it here. Not that I want labor to last longer then 12 hours...lol. next appt. Is 32 weeks! And we keep plugging away.

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